Work Drugs – Digital Girl [Free Download]

Philadelphia’s Work Drugs is a duo that keeps releasing the perfect indie pop for those relaxing, happy moments in your life. The group has quite the description for their new track, Digital Girl: “Digital Girl explores the depths of your digital soul by reminding us of those digital ghosts that were once with us… but are now outdated by newer and sexier upgrades.” Listen to the new track below and grab the free download from Soundcloud here and support Work Drugs by buying Digital Girl on their Bandcamp Page.

Hardwell & MAKJ – Are You Ready (Ultra Music Festival 2013)

This song was shown to me by my old roommate, a DJ, from New Jersey who since our first Sophomore year of high school has been most of my inspiration when it comes too electronic/house music. He always sends me cool songs that he finds and this was the most recent one. If you hook up your speakers and crank them to this tune you’ll fall in love. Hardwell’s beats hit hard, fast, and they’re so much fun. I can get up and rave by myself in my room to this song. Enjoy.

Tropic Harbour – Golden Rays [Free Download]

Tropic Harbour (aka Mark Berg) stems from Edmonton, Canada. His debut dream pop single, Golden Rays, glows with that spacey relaxed mindset that you stumble upon on one of those awesome days in the park. Listen and enjoy below. Oh, and grab the free download from Mark’s Bandcamp here.

Safe in Houses – Can’t Keep On [Free Download]

Safe in Houses comes from Melbourne, Australia… and that’s really all the information I can find on them. Although Twitterless and Facebookless, the artist has been releasing some cool tracks as of late. The most recent,  Can’t Keep On, has that awesome ambient bassy vibe going on (kind of like Tiger Tsunami). Check out Can’t Keep On below and grab the free download from the Soundcloud page here.